The Sweetest Gift You Can Give Your Baby (That’s Completely FREE!)

The Sweetest Gift You Can Give Your Baby (That’s Completely FREE!)

The idea I’m sharing with you today is a game changer.

Oh, kids these days! Practically every day of their lives is documented. From their first day of life to their first babble, first steps, and beyond, those moments are saved. Our children will have those videos at their disposal to watch and share with their own children one day.

However, there is a missing piece that as parents we may not think about. What about us parents on the other side of the camera? Will our kids know WE FELT in those proud or memorable moments? I would make the case that they won’t necessarily.

When I became pregnant, I wanted my daughter to know more than I had known about my mom and dad’s experiences as parents. On a mission, I sought out to find a way to share MY experience with my daughter of my journey with her.  I wondered if I should start a private blog or write handwritten letters, but nothing felt quite right. After months of thinking this over, the idea popped into my head! I knew that this was the most perfect gift that I could give to her, so:


Since I already knew what her name was going to be, I set up a Gmail account for her. This took 5 minutes to do and ensured that she had an e-mail with her name on it before it got snapped up.

During my pregnancy, this was awesome! When I:

  • Took a new belly pic? I sent her an e-mail!
  • Was having bad/good pregnancy day? I sent her an e-mail!
  • Was feeling emotional/excited about her upcoming arrival? I sent her an e-mail!

I view sending my daughter e-mails as a way for me to have a dialogue with her while she’s still little. When she’s old enough to read her own e-mail (which I’ll probably reveal to her on one of her birthdays), it will be a super fun surprise!

I am extending this idea even further to put together a very special gift for my daughter’s first birthday coming up in a month!


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