The Most Amazing FREE Birthday Gift For Kids

The Most Amazing FREE Birthday Gift For Kids

Do you want to know a secret? I didn’t buy my child a gift for her first birthday this year. Does that make me a “bad mom”? I personally don’t think so. Just because I didn’t BUY her anything doesn’t mean that I didn’t GET her anything. I didn’t buy her anything because I sent her the best FREE GIFT ever!


Where did I send it to? Well, her e-mail address, of course. In this previous post, I shared with you why I set up an e-mail for my daughter and what I’ve been able to do with that address so far.

However, I didn’t stop there. I asked our family members to send a birthday video to our daughter as well.

The result was absolutely AMAZING! What our extended family sent to her was SO special. Our families sang, danced, and dressed up in costumes. All EIGHT of my daughter’s cousins made appearances in three different videos. Her aunts and uncles joined in on the fun too! It really brought tears to my eyes to see what thought and effort everyone put into their videos. Not to mention how HILARIOUS they are to watch. We watch them all the time now- my little toddler dances and giggles when I show them to her! The best part is that we have access to our family members with the click of a button. Living far away from our support system is extremely challenging, but videos like these really help us in a tangible way.

I hope to have started a new tradition in our family and you could do the same. When I think of the physical objects that mean most to me, videos from my childhood are so very high up on my list. I know that my daughter will treasure these gifts from our family for years to come.

*UPDATE: We have started making videos for all of our nieces and nephews for their birthdays. I am so happy to report that this family tradition is indeed here to stay.


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